Boy Urban Trainers

Minishoes boy's urban trainers have a different feel. Give your son's feet a unique style with our urban trainers, 100% made in Spain. We have them Converse-style for between seasons. A perfect unisex shoe for parents who are lucky enough to have two at home.


Minishoes have urban trainers for boys that are canvas-shoe style, but with a different touch. We have Converse-style shoes for between seasons that both boys and girls can wear with denim trousers, a bit more modern, lined or with corduroy for the winter... a huge variety of trainers!


At Minishoes, we love colours and varieties, which is why you can buy all the Converse-style urban trainer models at our online kids' shoe shop in every colour you can imagine (green, grey, blue, red...) and with or without a reinforced toe.


What's more, in our Mammy and me section, you can find many of the kid's models for mothers. Don't miss this opportunity and buy the same urban trainer model at Minishoes so that your kid can dress like their Mum for a day.


If your kid is unstoppable, they will need these urban trainers, which are the most durable for everyday life or going to school. We have urban trainers for boys in different sizes and models. We also have urban boots, if you want a shoe that coves the foot more.


With an anti-slip rubber sole and laces, they perfectly match your kid's steps. They can be worn both with or without Condor socks. If it's really cold out, we also have gloves, hats and scarves from Condor.


If you're looking for a similar shoe, we also have Deserboots to hold up against all of their adventures, or sport trainers for kids who never stop running around.


We also have accessories for boys such as braces and belts so their trousers don't fall down and they can keep running around.


Whichever shoe you choose, remember that with Minishoes, your online kids’ shoe shop, we have the best quality shoes. All made in Spain. We help you to save time and money. All shipping to the United Kingdom is free, and for other countries, we have very competitive rates you can see on our website. What's more, we deliver it wherever you want within 3 to 4 working days, and if you make a mistake in your order, exchanging or returning your shoes is free.


If you live abroad and are looking for attractive, quality 100% made in Spain urban trainers for your kids, but at a much more reasonable price that what you can find anywhere in Paris, London or Rome... Don't wait any longer, at Minishoes, we ship to all countries in the European Union at very competitive prices within 3 to 4 working days. Quality kids' shoes at a good price in Europe is also possible with Minishoes!!!


What's more, with us, you don't have to worry about the size. If you get it wrong, exchanges or returns on your shoes are free. In any event, take a look at our size guide to correctly place your order.


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