Boy Brogues

If you're looking for elegant shoes for your son, at Minishoes you will find the best brogues with the best quality, since they are made in Spain. Your kids can wear their brogues with or without Condor socks, and we have them with or without a tongue.


The classics are back! Traditional brogues are in style, and at Minishoes we have every model you can imagine. You can select them with leather or suede, or with both. Whichever you prefer. If you want them made of leather, you can also select them with a tongue so they can be worn during the winter and be a bit warmer, or without a tongue to use them when it gets warm out, with a dress or Bermuda shorts, and without socks. Since they are so soft and comfortable, they won't rub against their feet.


Both models have laces. In fact, some models even have tassels. Besides the classic leather brogues, Minishoes also has other more wintery finishes, such as suede, in different colours such as green, brown or grey, all with laces. But that's not all. If you still think your son might get cold with these last shoes, we have boot brogues, also made of leather with laces. These may be more comfortable for smaller children, or those who are starting to take their first steps. The shoe hugs the foot better.


Do you like colours? At Minishoes, we love them!!! This is why we offer such a great variety at our online kids' shop (green, brown, red, burgundy...) from size 18 to 20, so that the little kings of our homes always look elegant, and from 21 to 26 so they take firm steps when taking their first ones.


Don't forget to visit our Mini-deals section, where you can find much more inexpensive brogues for your kids. Don't let anyone else get your Minideal!!



Now you know, if you want the best brogues for boys, trust Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, which helps you save time and money so you can purchase your shoes online, from your home, without putting up with queues or whining children. What's more, shipping to the United Kingdom is free, and we send your shoes very quickly. You will receive your order at your home, or wherever you want, within 3 to 4 working days. If you live in another European country, don't forget that we have very competitive shipping rates. Wherever you live, get your Minishoes. Buy worry-free, knowing that you can return or exchange the shoes at no cost.



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Minishoes, endless shoes for your kids!!!


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