Boy Home Slippers

Truly comfortable and well-lined boy's home slippers so those little feet don't get cold? Yes, with Minishoes, it's possible! We have house slippers for boys that are great quality, 100% made in Spain.


At Minishoes, we offer three alternatives to keep your kids truly comfortable in the home. We have home slippers because we know that it's also important to protect your children in the home, to keep from getting hurt or simply to keep from catching cold. You can choose from the classic Velcro corduroy slipper, with an anti-slip rubber sole, or blue or pink knit figure-eight booties that we're sure you'll love. Much warmer for the cold winter!


If you want to protect your son's feet while in the house, we have the best home slippers. With different models and sizes and an anti-slip rubber sole, they may be worn both with or without the Condor sock. They are top-quality because they are made in Spain.


We also have sport trainers if your son never sits still and is always coming and going. You can match them with our belts and braces in different colours.


Now your children will want to spend more time at home doing crafts, but make sure they are always wearing the best-quality shoes. With Minishoes, worry-free mothers and toasty feet.


We encourage you to check out or Minichollos (Mini-deals) section, where you can find the last sizes of some of our home slipper models for boys at a more inexpensive price. Don't miss out on your pair!


At Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, we deliver everything within 3 to 4 working days wherever you want. To top it off, if you live in the United Kingdom, all shipping is totally free. If you live in another European country, don't worry, because we have very competitive shipping prices! Buy worry-free, knowing that you can return or exchange the shoes at no cost.


Forget about wasting time and money. At Minishoes, you can place your orders wherever you want: at home, while waiting for the bus, in town... We can't make it any easier for you!


You can find further information on our latest models, drawings, special deals, news, etc., on our social networks. What's more, on our YouTube channel you can see the best videos with models wearing our products.


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