Boy T-Bar shoes

We absolutely leave these T-Bar shoes for boys. At Minishoes, we have all the boy's T-Bar shoe models you can imagine so your son will always look great, year-round.


We have canvas T-Bar shoes with a rubber sole, and also with a tennis sole, which is a bit thicker and makes your son's T-Bar shoes look a bit more casual. They are perfect for the summer, because they are cool. Your kids won't overheat during the summer, and they're also extremely comfortable and soft.


Then we also have the classic leather T-Bar shoes for your kids to wear both in the summer without socks, or during the winter with socks or tights to keep their feet toasty warm, or if not, we have something else. The suede or leather T-Bar shoe to give a different touch during the winter.


Our Minishoes boy's T-Bar shoes range from sizes 18 to 26, and we have them in several different colours: a more classic navy blue, brown, green, royal blue, red... You won't know which one to pick! You can find them all at Minishoes!!!!


For leather T-Bar shoes, we recommend these basic rules: whenever you can, use a shoehorn, although in some cases the size will be too small to do so. Don't always use the same shoe, since the leather needs to breathe and will take on all the sweat. Whenever leather shoes get wet, we should dry them with a rag, and if we see that the moisture is still present, we must insert a wooden shoehorn or newspaper to absorb the moisture. It is important to always keep leather shoes in cotton bags so the leather can breathe easily. If you want to find more tips for shoes and keep up-to-date on kid's fashion, come visit our Miniblog.


In our mini-deals section, you can find T-Bar shoes for your kids 20% off, but always with the same 100% made-in-Spain quality. These are models we will not be restocking. Grab this opportunity and don't let someone else get your Minichollo!


If you're looking for a similar shoe, we also have Blucher shoes and brogues for boys.


What's more, in our accessory section, we have braces and belts that perfectly match all of our T-Bar shoes.


We also have jute bags to store shoes if you want to give these T-Bar shoes as a gift. These high-quality bags will give them a more elegant feel.

Remember that Minishoes is your online kids' shoe shop with totally free shipping for the United Kingdom, and very competitive rates for other countries. What's more, we deliver it very quickly, wherever you want, within 3 to 4 working days, and if you make a mistake in your order, exchanging or returning your shoes is free.


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