Kids Sport Trainers

If you're looking for sport trainers for your son to wear to the nursery or to do sport, at Minishoes, we have what you're looking for: boy's sport trainers in several models and sizes, 15/20% cheaper.


These sport trainers are the best quality, made in Spain, with Velcro so they can put them on all by themselves. They may be worn with Condor socks to keep them toasty warm.


Kids' activities require a lot of effort. Sport activities, artwork with their school uniforms on... kids don't know how to stay still, and there is nothing healthier than encouraging them to do sport. This is why we are offering two sport trainer models for your kids. One of them is totally white, and the other has blue and red details. They are made of Leather and have an anti-slip sole, especially long-lasting to withstand your little ones' day-to-day. All of our models are made so that the skin can breathe and to be as flexible as possible, absorbing blows.


What's more, the material used to make these boy's sport trainers is designed so that the ankle does not rotate or incline excessively, thereby avoiding injury. All of our models have a reinforced heel and toe.  It doesn't matter which school your kids are going to, because at Minishoes, you will always find strong, durable and flexible trainers for your kids, ready for any surface.


Are you looking for inexpensive trainers for your son? You just found them! This is no joke. In our Mini-deals section, we have models 15% cheaper than the normal prize you would find at our online kids' shoe shop. These are sizes and models we will not be restocking, but you can rest assured they are the best quality, 100% made in Spain.  Grab this opportunity and don't let someone else get your Minichollo!


If you're looking for school shoes, you may also be interested in our accessory section, with Minishoes braces and belts to go along with your shoes. What's more, you can find other accessories such as Condor socks and tights in a wide variety of colours, so your kids always match.


Are you abroad, your kids are starting school and you can't find quality trainers at a good price? Don't worry! At Minishoes, we also ship at very competitive prices to every country in the European Union. Now with Minishoes, living outside of Spain doesn't mean you have to give up quality shoes at a decent price.


These kid's trainers will be inexpensive for you, because at Minishoes, shipping to the United Kingdom is free. We also have very competitive rates for other European countries.  If you get it wrong, exchanges or returns on your shoes are free.


We can't make it any easier for you! Buy trainers from the comfort of your home, without queuing, and we will send it quickly. Within 3 to 4 working days, you will receive it wherever you want. Don't forget to follow us on our social networks to keep up-to-date on our latest news!


At Minishoes, sport trainers for your kids, just a click away!

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