Boys Moccasins

Minishoes moccasins for boys are a high-quality shoe, made in Spain with leather and sewn by hand. Our boy's moccasins are supple so they don't hurt their feet or rub against them, and they come in two different finishes: leather and suede for summer, all in several different colours.


They are perfect for a special occasion such as a first communion, or even just to be worn on a daily basis to give them a more elegant look. At our online kids' shoe shop, you can purchase the classic moccasin or Spanish moccasin for schools, first communions or any other occasion where your son needs to look more elegant. But you can also find moccasins with a more informal look and more daring colours on our webpage.


All of these moccasins are made in Spain with traditional techniques, taking great care with the finish. This has made it so that Spanish moccasins and their quality are recognised all around the world, and for good reason. The process is very laborious, all the way from the manufacturer selecting the leather to be worked, to putting the shoes inside a box. First, the moccasin pieces are sketched with a pencil on the leather, which is then cut according to the measurements of the outside part of the feet. All of the moccasins are made of three pieces that are assembled, and sewing the sole to the moccasin is the last step.


As you can see, this is a very labour-intensive process, which is why we recommend never storing your kids' moccasins in plastic bags to keep them from being ruined. Instead, use a cloth bag, like our Minishoes bag, so that the shoe leather can always breathe and therefore last longer. You can find all of these tips on caring for your kids' shoes on our Miniblog.


Do you want comfortable shoes for boys? At Minishoes, we have very comfortable moccasins for boys for the summer, and other ones for different seasons. They have an anti-slip rubber sole and are very durable. Your son will like the moccasins so much that he will never want to take them off. We have moccasins for kids in different sizes and models.


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If you want a more open shoe, we have Varca or Menorcan sandals for boys, which are also perfect summer shoes for kids.


Now you don't have to leave your home with your son and waste time at the shoe shop. Now you can buy shoes for your son online. It's easier, cheaper and simple. All shipping to the United Kingdom is included in the price. We also have very competitive rates for other European countries. What's more, we will ship wherever you tell us to within 3 to 4 working days.


To see our latest moccasins and other shoes for boys, we recommend visiting our YouTube channel with our cutest mini-models, or following us on any of our social networks.


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