Boy Blucher

At Minishoes, we have the boy's Blucher shoes you were looking for. These shoes have a classic style. They are very elegant and resistant and will give a different touch to your son. We have several different models so you can pick the shoe you and your son like the most: leather, buckskin and cloth Blucher shoes.


The Blucher shoes for boys that you can find at Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, are perfect because they match everything. What's more, your kids will be delighted, because they can wear the same shoes as their Dad, and will feel like they are dressed like a grown-up. You can choose Blucher shoes with a more elegant feel, made of leather, with burgundy or navy blue laces, or the classic style, made with brown buckskin, with or without punched holes. These can be a bit more casual, since they can be used with denim trousers. If leather isn't your thing, you can select them with Grey or Brown Imitation Suede. The only things they have in common, just like all of our shoes and accessories, is that they are 100% made in Spain, so quality is always guaranteed.


Blucher shoes for boys are beautiful and elegant, perfect for weddings, baptisms or first communions. If you're looking for a shoe similar to Blucher shoes for boys, we also have brogues and we are sure you will like them. You might also be looking for school shoes. At Minishoes, we have those, too.


Blucher shoes can be worn with or without Condor socks, and you can also match them with our accessories: belts and braces to keep your son comfortable. The latest in kid's fashion!


Did you know it was Prussian General Duke von Blucher who commissioned this shoe model for his soldiers? Make your son feel like a soldier with these Blucher shoes! As much as kids run about, these shoes will be perfect for them, because they are very durable.


Besides providing you with the possibility of purchasing the best boy's Blucher shoes you can find online, on our Miniblog, you can find news on kid's fashion, the best outfits with our shoes and other kid's brands, and advice on how to clean leather or buckskin to make sure your kid's Blucher shoes always shine.


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Now you know, if you want to save time and money, trust Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, where you can buy kid's shoes and accessories for your son without leaving the comfort of your home. Also, remember: shipping to the United Kingdom is free. For other countries, we have competitive rates, and exchanges and returns on all orders are free.


If you're looking for another kind of boot for your son, you will definitely like our urban boots, just as comfortable and durable as our Safari boots, but with another style... If you want to see our Blucher models being worn, visit our YouTube channel.


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