Boys Canvas Shoes

At Minishoes, we have the best canvas shoes for your kids. We have a huge variety of models and sizes so that our Minishoes canvas shoes can accompany your children from their first baby steps to when they start using our anti-slip, resistant rubber sole.


Our canvas shoes and Victoria-style shoes are the best, most comfortable kid's shoes for the summer, along with our kids' urban trainers.


We have canvas shoes in every style so that you can pick the shoe you like the most for your son. From canvas shoes without laces and a reinforced rubber toe and elastic band adjustment to fit their foot, easy to put on, to canvas shoes with laces for when your child learns how to put his shoes on all on his own. All of the shoes are so comfortable and resistant that your kid will never want to take them off! They can also be worn with or without Condor socks, however you prefer!


We have trainers in every colour (red, green, classic navy blue, Beige…) so your kids are always in style. You can purchase these canvas trainers in sizes 18 through 21 for your babies, who will also play with them (own experience) and sizes 22 through 35 for older children, with several different models. For you, and mothers all around the world, we have also created our Mammy and Me section, where you can find identical canvas shoes so that Mums and kids share their style.


We also have moccasins for your son, and sport trainers. This type of boy's shoe is popular during the summer.


You should know that canvas shoes shrink a bit in the wash so, if you're unsure of the size, it's better to get a larger size.


If you're looking for a gift for a Mum, we recommend checking out our jute bags to store shoes. They give the gift an elegant feel and are really useful to keep shoes organised.


Don't miss out on our Minichollos (Mini-deals) section with the best deals on shoes for kids, 15% cheaper. These are canvas shoe models that are running out of stock and which, for different reasons, we cannot restock.


Remember, at Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, shipping to the United Kingdom is free. We also have very competitive rates for other European countries. Within 3 to 4 working days, your kid's shoes will be shipped wherever you want. If you get confused on the size, exchanges and returns are totally free with Minishoes.



We encourage you to visit our Miniblog where, besides the latest trends in kid's fashion, you can find our Minilooks posts with the latest suggestions for outfits for our Minishoes shoes with other kid's brands for each spring/summer season

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