Baby canvas shoes

Do you want to see your baby with his or her legs up in the air, and beautiful, quality canvas shoes? Now at Minishoes, we have also have canvas shoes for babies. They are soft-soled, made of cloth, which makes them very flexible to keep them cool and comfortable during the spring-summer.


Now all the brothers and sisters and cousins can wear the Victoria-style canvas shoes, from the oldest to the littlest one, starting at size 17 for babies, up to size 41 for the oldest ones. To make your search easier, on the left side of the screen there is a filter by size, colour, new items, season and price so you can find the model you like as soon as possible.


Like all of our products, these canvas shoes for babies are top quality and 100% made in Spain, but at unbeatable cheap prices!!!


There are canvas shoes for babies, boys and girls, with blue details, and canvas shoes for babies or girls with a light pink detail. They are really easy to put on babies' feet, and they also match all of their clothing. Here at Minishoes, we recommend putting these baby canvas shoes on with knickers or diaper covers, or with dungarees. They're perfect!


Another huge benefit with these baby canvas shoes is that they can be washed in the machine with no problems at all. Generally speaking, another way to wash all textiles is using a container with a bit of soap and water. If there is a resistant stain, you can use bleach to rub the outside of the shoe, then put the shoes outside, away from the sun, with newspaper inside so they keep their original shape.


If you like this section of canvas shoes for babies, we recommend looking at other sections, such as T-Bar shoes or Brogues for babies. We are sure you will like the other models, and you will have a hard time making a choice.


We would like to invite you to take a look at our Minichollos (Mini-deals) section, where you can find soft-soled and canvas baby and kids’ shoes, 130% cheaper than the usual price, but with the same guaranteed MINISHOES quality. These are models which, for different reasons, we have not restocked.


If you are looking for a gift for someone who just had a baby, we recommend taking a look at our jute bags to store shoes, or any of the baby accessories, which give a more complete look to the gift.


And remember, at Minishoes, shipping, exchanges and returns are free in the entire United Kingdom! For other countries, we have very competitive shipping rates that you can find on our webpage, but exchanges and returns are also free! Click on the shoe you like the most for your kids, and in 3 to 4 working days, you will receive the shoes wherever you want, at no additional cost. Minishoes helps you to save a lot of time and money!


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