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Boy Girl Velcro Sport Trainers

If your son or daughter is going to do sport, it is important that they use quality sport trainers, such as these, made of leather and made in...
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Kids Suede Brogue Boots

These brogue-style boots made of suede provides your son or daughter with protection for the feet against cold this winter.
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Boy Girl Suede Blucher Shoes

Do you want to buy shoes to dress your son or daughter up for some occasion? Blucher shoes are very versatile, because they can also be worn...
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Girl leather ballet pumps

Our Minishoes leather ballet pumps are perfect for the entire year. This is a shoe to make your daughter l ook perfect for any occasion, with...
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Pink Chufo Girl Rain Boot

These pink Chufo rain boots for girls are very practical. You won't have to think about what to put on your daughter's feet when it's...
If you're thinking of buying shoes for your little girl , look no further. At Minishoes, your trusted online kid's shoe shop , you can find all of the shoes your girl needs to look pretty, comfortable and in style, with all the colours you can imagine.   Feet grow really fast, whi...

If you're thinking of buying shoes for your little girl, look no further. At Minishoes, your trusted online kid's shoe shop, you can find all of the shoes your girl needs to look pretty, comfortable and in style, with all the colours you can imagine.


Feet grow really fast, which leads to an extra expense when buying shoes, since you need a few pairs for every season of the year. Because of this, at Minishoes, we have the best prices for your little girl's shoes, a comfortable fit for any wallet. However, we never leave quality by the wayside, since quality is fundamental to us, and we know that good, comfortable shoes need not be expensive.


They're no longer babies, and are starting to take their first big steps, living an adventure every day. It's time for your girl to step in puddles with her rain boots, to enjoy the park with her urban booties and to get the most candy from the piñata at birthday parties with leather Mary Janes.


It's important for your little girl to wear good shoes to keep from deforming her feet, ones that are comfortable and don't hurt her. And be careful with hand-me-downs...we don't recommend them! We all take steps differently, and your kid may have to pay the price for this years later.


At Minishoes, we offer you all girl's shoes styles, from classic leather Brogues or Ballet Pumps, to Blucher shoes to be the most in style, always with excellent quality, made in Spain. What's more, we also have practical school shoes for girls, sport sneakers for school, or slippers for the home.


We have models for all tastes, depending on the season. As far as Mary Janes are concerned, you can choose between velvet Mary Janes, perfect for the Winter with a dress and Condor tights, or colourful canvas Mary Janes for the Summer, ideal to go with shorts, dungarees, skirts, dresses...or our popular imitation suede Mary Janes with Velcro that match denim trousers for in-between seasons. If we look at more spring-summer models, we have boys’ and girls' shoes such as canvas sneakers. Or maybe you need footwear for the beach, where you can choose between colours and models of our Menorcan and Varca sandals, with Velcro for the littlest ones, and without Velcro for older kids. You can find them in every colour, even white. If they get dirty, have no fear! Just apply a bit of whitening toothpaste with a brush and allow it to set for a few minutes until dry. If you liked this trick, you can find many more on our Miniblog.


In short...infinite possibilities to mix and match their clothing with our little shoes. In total, more than 15 different kids' shoe models, designed to cover all of your day-to-day needs. In addition to the different online girls' shoe models we have, you can also select from several different finishes: Leather, Split Leather, Cloth, Napa, Linen... More than 17 different top-quality materials, made in Spain. And that's not all! Each one of our models perfectly fits their feet, designed for totally comfortable use. What's more, you can find girls' shoes 20% off in our Mini-deals.


Now that we have your girl's shoes worked out, no matter where you are, at Minishoes we are going to take one more step and offer you the best girl's accessories to match the shoes!!! Braces, for example. Many of you might say that these are more accessories for boys, but you can't begin to imagine how ideal they are in pink, both smooth and with white dots, along with a simple denim trouser and shirt or T-shirt. You'll kiss them to death! And if there is more than one sister, we also have the pink belt option for girls, so they can match, but be different.


We've also thought about how to match looks with ribbons for girls, in every colour and size, pins with ribbons, rubber bands with ribbons, clips with ribbons...don't miss out! And for the Winter, all kinds of accessories to keep your girl warm: hats, scarves, gloves...  And of course, we could never forget Condor socks and leggings, as always, with the best quality at Minishoes. Everything she needs to be the cutest and most in fashion year-round!


Don't forget that shipments to the United Kingdom are totally free, and you also receive your order within 3 to 4 working days!! If you live elsewhere in Europe, no need to worry, because are shipping rates are highly competitive. See them on our webpage.


Buy shoes for your little girl without worrying about the size. If you get it wrong, you can exchange or return the little shoe at absolutely no cost to you.


What's more, on our social networks such as  Facebook, Instagram or Google +, you can keep up-to-date on all the new models available at our online shop, special deals, discounts, etc... Now we also have a YouTube  channel, where you can find out about our latest news, and a few other surprises... We're waiting for you!!!

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