Girl's Canvas Shoes

Who didn't have canvas shoes when they were little girls? These girls' canvas shoes are perfect for the Spring-Summer season, super comfortable for any adventure. These girls' canvas shoes form Minishoes are 100% made in Spain, so their quality is excellent, with even better prices.

 When the good weather starts, there's nothing better than these classic girls' canvas shoes. At Minishoes, besides the classic canvas shoe model with laces, we have the lace-free canvas shoe model, with elastic on the instep so you can forget about laces, or the model with a white rubber toe so you don't have to suffer while at the park or riding your bicycles. And of course, we also have more modern models with washed colours. So you have a ton of girls' shoes to choose from. A summer without these canvas shoes just isn't summer!

 What's more, with these canvas shoes, you can dress your children the same, because the shoe is for both boys and girls. This model is easy to match with their clothing, thanks to the large variety of colours. They can be worn with trousers and dresses. They look great! If you have a pre-walker baby, at Minishoes we also have canvas shoes for babies, made from cloth to keep them cool and dressed.

We recommend that you also check out other sections on our webpage, such as our urban trainers, another kind of shoe for girls with a more urban look, or the Mary Jane section, where we have many different canvas Mary Jane models for spring-summer, or made from velvet for autumn-winter, along with other models. If you're looking for something more apt for the summer for going to the beach, we have Menorcan sandals with Velcro for the little ones, and without Velcro for those who can walk on their own without it.

 If you're looking for girls' canvas shoes as a gift, we have bags to store shoes made of jute. Perfect for giving that special touch. If you're interested, we can send them directly to the lucky recipient. Remember, it will arrive in 3 to 4 working days, and what's more, shipping is free in the entire United Kingdom! For other countries, we have highly competitive rates that you can find on our webpage. And wherever the order may be, exchanges and returns are free.

 Do you want something to keep your kids' hands busy? With these girls' canvas shoes from Minishoes, your daughters will bite or remove the laces, and let their imaginations soar while playing with them. When our son was 1 year old, it was his favourite toy. No one could take it away from him!

 When you want to buy girls' shoes online, you know that Minishoes is the online kids' shoe shop where you always find what you're looking for. What's more, now we also have accessories for kids such as braces, belts, bows, Condor socks and tights...that perfectly match the shoes, making things even easier.

 Don't forget to visit our social networks, where we share our latest products from suppliers, including canvas shoes for your kids in tons of different models.

 What's more, on our blog's Mini look section, we suggest different kids' outfits to match our shoes.

 For any questions on your kids' shoes, you can contact us at 944 316 220, by email at, or on our social networks.

These are tiny shoes for big steps...

 Get your Minishoes and take firm steps!!!


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