Desert boots

Give a more adventurous feel to your kids’ feet with our girl's Desert boots! At Minishoes, we have all kinds of Safari Boots, from the more classic girl's style with different tones for winter or between seasons, to our Desert boots with interior leather lining.


This type of boot has many different names. In some places, they're called Safari Boots, and in others they are called Urban Boots for girls. They are even called desert boots. Whatever you call them, at Minishoes we have this shoe for girls with the best quality, since they are shoes made in Spain.


Desert boots are the perfect kind of shoes for girls, withstanding their daily pace and Dora the Explorer adventures. Made of buckskin with an anti-slip rubber sole. They match any trouser, denim or corduroy. You can make their outfit more comfortable with our braces and belts in feminine colours. What's more, we also have Condor socks and tights in different colours: navy blue, brown, dark green, ribbed burgundy...perfect to match any of our Safari Boots so your daughter is totally in style.


Now you know, if you want your daughter to wear comfortable shoes and you don't feel like getting off the sofa, at Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, we make it easy, because shipping is free for the entire United Kingdom! For other countries, we have highly competitive rates that you can find on our webpage. Your order will reach your home in 3 to 4 working days. Don't worry about getting the size wrong. At Minishoes, exchanges and returns are totally free.


If you live abroad, we can also send your daughter's urban boots anywhere, at very competitive rates. Now, wherever you live, you can purchase quality kids' shoes at a good price.


To clean your daughter's suede urban boots, just take a container with warm water, dampen a washcloth and wipe it down to remove remaining dirtiness. Then you need only brush them and wrap them in used pantyhose. If you want to find out more on how to take care of kid's shoes, visit our blog and discover everything you need to know about shoes.


Of course, don't forget our tips when buying shoes. Always have your kids try their shoes on with socks. They should neither be too thin nor too thick. It is important not to buy too big of a size, because the foot will slip. Leather is the most breathable material. Always have your child try the shoe on at the end of the day, when their feet are largest. As the wise saying goes, "The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases." (Carl Gustav Jung).


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