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Baby Suede Buckle Mary Janes

These classic and comfortable Mary Janes are designed for your baby to be at ease. Since they are made of suede, they are soft and pleasant...
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Leather Baby Booties

Baby Booties for Pre-Walkers in pink and light blue, very soft and flexible. 100% made in Spain and top quality. Free Shipping.
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Baby canvas shoes

If you want an all-terrain shoe for this summer, take a look at our canvas shoes for babies. These shoes are soft, comfortable and easy to...
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Boy Girl Velcro Sport Trainers

If your son or daughter is going to do sport, it is important that they use quality sport trainers, such as these, made of leather and made in...
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Kids Suede Brogue Boots

These brogue-style boots made of suede provides your son or daughter with protection for the feet against cold this winter.
Congratulations! If you're reading this, it means you're looking for baby shoes or accessories because you have one in your life, and that's wonderful! These are their first baby shoes , and that needs to be celebrated as is due, because they rule the house.   Until babies are appr...

Congratulations! If you're reading this, it means you're looking for baby shoes or accessories because you have one in your life, and that's wonderful! These are their first baby shoes, and that needs to be celebrated as is due, because they rule the house.


Until babies are approximately one year old, the little shoes they wear are for pre-walkers. Their job is mainly to protect form cold, moisture and contact with the floor, but the truth is, very few mothers can resist the temptation of collecting a few pairs in the closet, because they just look so great with their first shoes!


These tanned baby shoes are the perfect accessory for any model. And it goes without saying how much babies like their shoes! As soon as they can, they're eating or playing with them, with the laces and Velcro... And when they don't fit anymore, you can make a key chain with them and use it, or keep it for when they can use it. What's more, we have a huge selection of colours, so you can always make the right choice and select the colour you like the most.


When should you put their first shoes without soles on? Normally with new-borns, we put wool or cotton yarn booties on them, depending on the time of the year, mainly so that they don't lose body heat. But when they are approximately 4 months old, they can wear their first baby shoes until they stand on their feet, which is when they need soled shoes to take their first steps, although this depends on each baby's growth.


At Minishoes, we have designed a very complete line of footwear for babies so you can always find what you need, and just like all of our other products, they are domestic quality and at the best price. 20% less expensive. The materials we work with for baby shoes are just as soft and flexible as their skin: suede, cloth, Napa... We work with renewed colours: with pink, but dusted, along with greys, beige, blue... to wear the best shoes for any occasion.


There are shoe models that can be used year-round, with or without leggings and/or Condor socks, such as Mary Janes, T-Bar shoes or Brogues without a tongue. However, we also offer summer models, such as Menorcan sandals Varcan sandals with Velcro for the little ones and Sneakers. For winter cold, we have a collection of cosy booties for babies, along with our winter accessories: hats, socks, scarves, leggings, Condor gloves...


All of our baby shoes comfortably fit the foot and close perfectly, thanks to different kinds of closures: Velcro, Laces, Button, Buckle, etc.


When taking their first steps, babies get their shoes really dirty, so we recommend that you thoroughly clean them, using a simple rag so you need not always put them in the washing machine.


If you want to give your new-born baby a gift, you can get a Voucher for whichever amount you would like. We will send you the gift Voucher so that lucky recipient can spend it whenever they want, with no expiration. If not, you can choose the ones you like the most, and if you get the size wrong, since it's a gift, we can exchange them for any other shoe or accessory with no expiry date, as long as they are unused. We then gift wrap them and add a card with the message that you want, and we can ship it to the lucky recipient directly.


We propose shipping them with a jute shoe bag with Minishoes' logo, perfect for keeping shoes as accessories, or their most prized treasures. This comes along with the utmost payment guarantee for our clients, which is why we work with the best partners for online purchases (BBVA, Visa and PayPal).


These baby gifts are really exciting, because they're both sweet and practical, given that most models are made of leather (except for booties and Menorcan sandals) and can be used year-round, with or without leggings. This means it is impossible to get the wrong size, because at some point in their little lives they will be able to use them.


Do you live in the United Kingdom? You're in luck! Shipping is free, and even if you live in another European country, you can enjoy very well-priced shipping rates. Our rates are highly competitive, so what are you waiting for? Get your Minishoes at home! Place your order and in 3 to 4 short working days, you will receive your shipment. If you get confused on the size, exchange or return your Minishoes for free.


If you need advice or if you have any questions, we would be delighted to help you at, by calling us at +34944316220 or on the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Google+ with our latest news, or  YouTube, where you can find a great variety of videos on your baby's footwear.


Minishoes and take firm steps!

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