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Resistant, lovely and well-priced girl's school shoes? You're at the right place. At Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, we have a wide variety of girls' school shoes, 100% made in Spain, at irresistible prices, with free shipping for the entire United Kingdom! For other countries, we have highly competitive rates that you can find on our webpage. What's more, you will receive your order within 3 to 4 working days. If you mix up the size, exchanges and returns are totally free.


At Minishoes, we've thought of everything so that you can find the perfect shoe for your kids, no matter which school they go to. We have 2 different school shoe models for girls. The first one is the typical, traditional shoe with Velcro, available in navy blue, burgundy and black. The second model is the girl's school shoe model like our typical Mary Janes, with a thin Velcro strip in navy blue and black.


We always think about keeping our kids' feet comfortable, so this type of school shoes for girls are perfect for the school season. Since they spend many hours there every day, then need shoes that don't hurt their feet and that are high quality to last longer than any other shoe. And since we know they do sport at school, we also offer two sport trainer models. One of them is totally white, because we know that some schools require that they wear them, and the other has blue details. Both are made of leather and have an anti-slip sole. What's more, they are so cute that they can wear them at the weekend. All of the trainers have Velcro so they are much easier to put on and take off without wasting time.


Many times, the same shoe size changes depending on the model. To keep from getting mixed up on the size for these girl's school shoes, we have a size guide where you can find specific measurements in centimetres for the model. You just need to extend your son or daughter's foot and measure it.


If you want your daughter to look cute for school, besides our school shoes, we also have hair accessories: rubber bands, pins, clips, ribbons, bows...and socks and tights to keep them good-looking, comfortable and warm when the weather gets cold.


If you want shoes for school, but you aren't sold on these models, you will definitely like our urban trainers, which are also very resistant.


What do I do if my daughter gets her school shoes dirty?  Besides all of the cleaning products you can find at supermarkets or shopping centres, you can also apply moisturising creams. If you want to remove a stain, a Mini-trick is to rub the shoes with a banana peel. You will see results! If you want to find out more on kids' shoes, don't miss out on our Miniblog with the latest news in kids' fashion. And always keep your kids' shoes beautiful!


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At Minishoes, we have long-lasting school shoes at a reasonable price!!!


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