Girl Urban Trainers

At Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, we have the perfect shoes for girls: urban trainers! These shoes are great for any occasion: nurseries, school, adventures, or the park, and what's more, they are the latest in kids' fashion. Our girls' lace up trainers, like all of our shoes, are made with the best quality, since they are a domestic product, 100% made in Spain.


Are you looking for comfortable trainers for your daughter to wear to school, that can withstand the day-to-day?


They have laces to better fit your daughter's foot and so she can learn to tie them on her own.


This type of shoe for girls have a reinforced toe, laces and anti-slip rubber sole. These urban trainers for girls are very easy to put on, because you can match them with our Condor tights and socks. They also match denim trousers well, and if you want her to be as comfortable as possible, we have girly braces and belts.


At Minishoes, we have other shoe models in this style. From urban boots, which are the same, but more for the winter because they cover the ankle, to Safari boots, which we are sure you will like, as well. However, if it gets colder, we also have rain boots and snow boots for girls, which may also be matched with our scarves, gloves and hats from Condor.


If you're looking for girl's shoes as a gift, then we recommend our 100% jute bags to store shoes, or any of the girls' accessories we have. You can match them with our Condor socks and tights in a wide variety of colours: navy blue, dark green, ribbed grey... or with our plain or striped braces.


Remember that, at Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, we have the best urban trainers for girls, with the best style and quality. Shipping is free for the entire United Kingdom. We also have very competitive rates for other European countries. You will receive your order at your home within 3 to 4 working days. If you mix up the size, exchanges and returns are totally free.


You no longer need put up with queues, crying or bad weather... Buying girl's shoes online is much easier and more comfortable. Don't wait any longer, trust Minishoes, your online kids' shoe shop, and let us help you with your daughter's shoes. All without leaving the comfort of your own home!


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