Baby brogues

Who hasn't had baby brogues when they were little? At Minishoes, you can find them at the best price, 20/30% cheaper and with unbeatable quality. If you're looking for an elegant feel for your baby, our baby brogues are what you're looking for.


We have a huge variety of colours for our brogues so your kids always have a smile on their face, with different Nappa leather, suede or buckskin finishes, always bearing in mind softness and comfort for your baby, making sure that their feet breathe correctly.


Riddles for kids. Do you know where this classic shoe came from? The Oxford shoe is probably the most widely-used. It is said that its name hails from the famous University, but it actually hearkens back to the 18th century in Ireland and Scotland. Since it's such a comfortable, quality shoe, it soon reached big cities, and when it arrived to Oxford University, it became famous, and that's where the name comes from.


At Minishoes, we mainly have two types: made from buckskin with a tongue, toasty warm for autumn-winter, and an irresistible colour selection!!! Or Nappa leather without at tongue, to be used year-round, with Condor socks or tights or directly on your baby's skin. What's more, both boys and girls can wear them! Great for any occasion. From wearing them to a baptism to going to the park or a birthday party.


You have a wedding in a week and don't have the right shoes for your kid? Don't worry. These brogues are top quality, made in Spain, and will be delivered wherever you want within 3 to 4 working days. Exchanges and returns are free! What's more, amongst our accessories we offer braces that perfectly match these brogues. Your kid will be the sharpest at the entire wedding!


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Is today Children's Day? No, but it doesn't matter, because for us, every day is Children's Day! In our Minichollos (Mini-deals) section, you can find the shoes your kids like the most, at a cheap price with guaranteed MINISHOES quality. Don't miss out!


If you're looking for a gift, we recommend that you also purchase a jute bag to store shoes or their most prized treasures. They give an elegant touch, and are also protective. You can also take a look at our kids' accessory section, where you can find something to match to complete your gift.


Don't wait. Minishoes is your online kids' shoe shop, ready to make your life easier by delivering your baby brogues right to your home. You don't even have to get off the sofa! Easy, comfortable, fast and secure!

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