Girl snow boots

Do you like playing in the snow? So do we. Which is why, at Minishoes, you can purchase the best snow boots for your daughter and enjoy them, knowing that her feet will always be toasty warm. We have several girl's snow boots in different colours, with fur lining, fleece and Velcro so she can put them on by herself.


At Minishoes, we know how important it is to keep our kids' feet warm to keep them from catching cold, especially with all the time they spend playing outside the house, making snowmen or having snowball fights, or any other mischief that occurs to them. It's impossible to keep them inside. That's why, this new season, we have a totally waterproof line of snow boots with Teflon, Gore-Tex-style, so your kids can have fun and never have to complain about the cold. We can never forget the style with 4 different colours: grey or silver, classic navy blue, or more daring colours, such as orange and red.


What's more, after a hard day skiing with your kids giving it their best on the slopes with their ski bits, which are tight and squeeze their feet, they often need more comfortable shoes, such as our snow boots, with an inner ecological wool lining.


For greater comfort, we have a snow boot model with Velcro and a zipper to open the upper part of the boots more easily, slipping their feet in all the way to the bottom more comfortably. Your kids will no longer complain about taking their boots on and off!


The size guide for girls' snow boots is different, because the sizes go in twos. In other words, size 25 is the same as size 24 and 25. We have sizes 23 through 31.


Shipping is free for the entire United Kingdom! For other countries, we have highly competitive rates that you can find on our webpage. And wherever the order may be, exchanges and returns are free. With Minishoes, kids with healthy feet and happy Mums!!!


Is the season almost over, or are you just looking for cheaper snow boots for your daughter? Look no further, because in our Minichollos (Mini-deals) section, we have girls' snow boots year round, 20/30% cheaper. Take a look and don't miss out on your deal!


What's more, to keep your little girl totally prepared for the weather and protected, we have Condor hats, gloves and scarves to keep her toasty warm.


If you're planning a trip to the snow with your family and you aren't going to use snow boots yet, we recommend rounding off your purchase with a jute bag to store your shoes and keep them well-protected.


At Minishoes, toasty feet and kids who are always happy!!!

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