Mammy and me

Mammy & Me section, with shoes for mother and daughter, is dedicated to Mothers. These are online shoes for Mammy that are the same for mothers and kids, whether the kids are boys and/or girls. So tell me, have you ever thought about matching your kid?


 Minishoes makes it so you can wear the same shoes you put on your kids!!! We've designed a special collection of shoes for Mammy, where you can find shoes both for your kids and for yourself, completely the same. What do you think about that? It's nice outside and you feel like wearing lined sneakers, and you want your kid to match you? Come on in to Mammy and Me and check out our different models. Pick the one you like the most! If you want your daughter and you to be comfortable, choose the Slippers. They're so easy to mix and match and wear that you'll never take them off! Maybe you want a similar, yet more classic shoe. We also have ballet pumps in different sizes, shapes and colours.


For rainy days, we also have rain boots for girls and for you, with elastic on the sides to be the most in fashion, and for weekends full of adventure, you can wear our safari boots! If it isn't cold or hot and you don't know which shoes to wear, we recommend our urban boots, perfect for in-between seasons. They are perfect for denim trousers, which both of you must have, along with our urban boots.


Is it in style for mother and daughter to match ? Yes!!! Feel like a total celebrity! But you can also make your daughter happy when she matches her Mammy. Who hasn't worn their mother's high heels and clicked all around the house? Just like when they steal our lipstick and copy us, even though they don't put it on quite right...and they're just so kissable, even with the lipstick. They love it, but more than one mother does, too!!! Many of us would like to wear their Mary Janes, but we can't find it in our size...


In this section, you can find Mammy and daughter's shoes for every season of the year, whether it's snowing, raining or sunny. At Minishoes, you'll always find the perfect footwear for mothers and kids . But what happens if my summer canvas shoes get dirty? Don't worry. You need only remove the laces from the shoes, put them into a container with soap and soak the shoes in warm water, brush them and rub them down, then put newspaper inside so the shoe doesn't lose its shape. Do you want to find out how to clean suede or leather shoes for kids or women ?  Come find out how on our Mini blog.


If you want us to help you or to give you advice, just contact Minishoes and we will be delighted to help you with everything that you need. You can also follow and contact us on all of our social networks. Remember that, with Minishoes, your order will reach your home in 3 to 4 working days, and that if you live in the United Kingdom you can enjoy free shipment (see rates for other European countries).


Make your Minishoes purchase worry-free, from the comfort of your own home, enjoying free exchanges and returns.

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