Boy Urban Boots

Urban boots for our boys, a classic they need to have in their closet. We have it here at Minishoes. We have all of the boy's urban boot models in many different colours at our online kids' shoe shop. You won't know which one to pick!


They have so many different names, Desert Boots, Safari Boots, Urban Boots... This is probably the most popular shoe for kids and youngsters, with the most names. It is also really popular at Minishoes, thanks to the huge number of different models you can find.


The great advantage of Minishoes Safari Boots for kids is that they match almost everything. We have them in navy blue, whiskey, grey... They are so easy to put on, take off, to mix and match... and so comfortable!!! 


These Minishoes urban boots for boys are all-terrain, meant for daily use and to be worn everywhere. They are made of buckskin, 100% made in Spain, very durable and with an anti-slip rubber sole so that your son's feet always grip the ground, even while running, climbing mountains or doing anything else. You will be worry-free.


What do we do if our kid's urban boots get dirty? Don't worry, because on our Miniblog, we give you tips on how to maintain buckskin. In this case, to clean stains, we would need a metallic brush to brush the leather and then shake the shoes. On occasion, buckskin may be more worn out. In this case, the shoes would be cleaned differently, but to find out, you know where to find the information... On our Miniblog!


Do you live abroad and you're going mad trying to find classic urban boots for your son at a reasonable price?


Shipping is included in the price for all orders to the United Kingdom. For other countries, we have very competitive rates that you can see on our webpage, or by contact us by email at, or via Facebook and Twitter.  What's more, with us, you don't have to worry about the size. If you get it wrong, exchanges or returns on your shoes are free.


Don't miss out on our Minichollos section, where you can find continuous deals, including our urban boots for kids, 15 or 20% cheaper than the normal price you find at the shop. Run and get your Minichollo!


To find out more about us, just visit us on our social networks Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, where you can learn our latest news, including the latest Urban Boot models for kids. You can also see our models wear them on our Minishoes YouTube channel.


At Minishoes, you won't be able to resist any of our Urban Boots!!!


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