Kids' accessories

Details make the difference, which is why at Minishoes we have the best accessories for kids, which of course can be mixed and matched with all of our shoe models. A good kids' accessory for your little girl or boy is the cherry on top. They need it to look perfect!


A big bowfor your girl, put in its place and matching the colour of her shoes, or bracesfor your boy to match his shoes. All the rest doesn't matter, because they will always look their best. What's more, they will be comfortable because their hair won't bother them and their trousers won't fall down! Kids' accessories are not only necessary and useful to keep them warm when it's cold, or to tie back hair or keep their clothing in place. They also help to complete the outfit in a cute way, the perfect touch to go in style.


With our kids' accessory collection, besides bows and accessories for your daughter's hair and braces or belts for both boys and girls, we have hats, scarves and Condor gloves for the cold winter, or Condor tights and socks in a wide range of colours to match our shoes.


Find what you're looking for at Minishoes. We have everything from the classic plain navy-blue or maroon braces, or with dots or stripes, to look more modern, to a hat to go to school cosy warm on winter mornings.


With Minishoes' kids' accessories, you can give the finishing touch to your kids' outfits. Most of them are one-size-fits-all, like bows or other hair accessories, scarves... But our Condor socks and tights do have sizes, for every two years. This means you have wiggle room when buying the size. You can't get it wrong!


And if you're never sure where to keep shoes in suitcases, or their most prized treasures, take a look at our shoe bags. They are 100% jute and made in Spain, just like all of our other products.


If you want to give a gift to a baby, boy or girl, buy a shoe and accessory pack. Both the kids and the mother will love it.


At Minishoes, we have unique kids' accessories, with excellent quality and a huge colour selection. The shoes already speak for themselves, but the accessories are great, too. You can easily dress your kids with a good accessory. They will look great!


If you want us to help you or to give you advice, just contact Minishoes and we will be delighted to help you with everything that you need. Remember that with Minishoes, all shipments to the United Kingdom are FREE (If you live in another European country, see rates on our website), and you receive your order at your home or the address of your choosing within 3 to 4 working days . Exchanges and returns are not accepted for accessories. 

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