Boys' Boat Shoes


Do you want comfortable, classic and different Boat Shoes for your kids? At Minishoes, we have the deck shoes you were looking for, made of leather or canvas, always the best quality, 100% made in Spain.


Minishoes kids' boat shoes are a must-have for any boy's closet. They are made of an anti-slip rubber sole. They may be made of leather with laces for use year-round, or cloth, lined inside with blue Vichy plaid. A must-have for the summer! Both models are easy to mix and match and easy to wear, so you don't have to waste time. The best quality, because they are made in Spain.


We have them in several different colours and tones, blue and brown leather, from sizes 26 to 34, and navy blue cloth, sizes 18 through 26, so you can choose the shoe you and your son like the most.


The original boat  shoes were invented by Paul Sperru in Connecticut, United States, when after playing with his dog during the winter he realised that his puppy didn't slip on the ice, and it wasn't due to his claws, because he didn't use them to cling to the surface. So he decided to study his cocker's paws, and realised that they had slots where water filtered through. With this idea, Paul designed the first deck shoe focused on adherence, highly practical for sailing. So now you know, if you want your kids to always take firm steps, with no untimely falls, you can be sure that these Minishoes deck shoes for boys are your solution.



Handicrafts for kids? On our Miniblog, your kids won't be bored. We have hundreds of posts for kids, with ideas for your kids to learn how to tie their deck shoes. This task may be a challenge for the least skilled at first, but with our minitips, they will learn how to make a barrel knot, a chain knot, a fishtail knot and many others. Don't let them miss out!


Find the perfect deck shoe for your kids 20/30% cheaper with our Mini-deals . This is a section where you can find all of our shoes at a discount year-round, since these are sizes we will not be restocking.


If you are looking for shoes like them, we have boy's moccasins that we are sure you will love. We also have boy's accessories that match all of our shoes: braces and belts for your son to be comfortable and handsome all at once.


Shipping is included in the price for all orders to the United Kingdom. For other countries, we have very competitive rates. Within 3 to 4 working days, you will receive your order.  What's more, with us, you don't have to worry about the size. If you get it wrong, exchanges or returns on your shoes are free.


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