Keeping your baby or kid's shoes like new shouldn't be a headache. Minishoes helps you to keep your shoes just like they were the very first day with advice.

For example, leather shoes should be cleaned with a dry rag to remove moisture and dirtiness. Every so often, we recommend applying a bit of moisturising cream so they get their shine back. If they lose colour with use, you need only apply a little bit of shoe polish that is the same colour as the shoes. Lastly, to prevent the leather from rain damage, we recommend applying a water-repellent spray.

We must also protect suede from the beginning with a liquid-repellent spray. This keeps the leather from becoming ruined or stained. If stains appear, we recommend obtaining a metal-toothed brush, which can be found at any supermarket. If your suede shoes need a deeper cleaning, just wipe them with a moist rag and rub them down with a scouring pad soaked in ammonia. Afterwards, allow them to dry with a bit of newspaper inside so your shoes don't lose their shape, and end the process by brushing them with a metal brush.

Canvas, linen, velvet or imitation suede shoes are easier to clean because they can be washed by machine. However, we do recommend that you not leave the shoes in the sun while they are drying to keep their colour from dulling, and that you put them in a bag in the machine, without their insoles .