It is very important to measure the feet of our children accurately and correctly before buying their shoes, since poorly fitted ones can have a harmful effect on health, choosing the correct size will avoid future problems in adulthood.

How to measure foot length:

  • First, we will put a sheet of paper on the ground, then we will place the child's bare foot on the paper, with the sole completely flat and straight. Once this is done we will put a mark where the longest toe ends and a mark on the heel.
  • With the mark made, we will measure the length on the sheet itself with a meter, once you know the length in cm, consult the size guide of each model that you will find on our website to see the equivalence with the size. Remember to leave a little margin between what your foot measures and what the inner sole of the shoe measures, never more than 1 cm. The size guide may vary from one model to another as it depends on each manufacturer.


If the shoes have already arrived, you have to try them on. Follow these steps.

  • Try on shoes in the afternoon because thefeet swell during the day.
  • Winter shoes should always be tried on with a sock.
  • ALWAYS try both shoes on, the feets are not the same.
  • According to expert podiatrists: with the fingers well wedged in the front of the shoe and with the shoe open, there should be approximately one toe left between the buttress and the heel.
  • Never buy the biggest shoe to make it last longer, it is detrimental to the health of the foot. 

Guide to our sizes

Babies: from 17 to 19. These shoes do not have a sole, and they have to be soft and flexible since their little feet are not fully formed.

First steps: From 19 to 24. These shoes already have a sole and are indicated for children up to 3 years old who are beginning to support their feet or walk.

Children: They usually start in size 24 and the lasts are more stylized.

Adult: We have up to size 40 in some models.

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