Get to know Minishoeskids

Pepe, Rous y Javi, somos Minishoes
If you are reading this it is because you have a child close to you and that's wonderful. Although surely going through your neighborhood with them you've asked yourself about the mysterious case of children's shoes and their exorbitant prices, with their fast growing feet and the rhythm at which they destroy them. 

My husband and I had the same question three years ago. How could we offer quality kid's shoes at a fair price? Minishoes was came about in response to this question. This is the online kid's shoe and accessory brand within any mother's reach in the country, within 24/48 H after just one click, as well as other mothers from Europe and Mexico where Minishoes can be found! Since then, we have put a great deal of effort into this project, with affection and excitement.

What are the keys to Minishoes' success? We believe that our success is largely due to the brand's philosophy and our values:


1- Quality. Shoes Made in Spain. The quality of Spanish footwear is known worldwide. Our Minishoes, 100% made by Spanish manufacturers, guarantee the quality that gives our clients peace of mind and keeps them coming back.

2- Design and variety. Thanks to our experience in the textile industry, Minishoes offers a highly varied collection of models and colours so parents can select from the best, with new models every season for their kids.

3- Impeccable service. Our intent from the very beginning was for our clients to receive their orders within 24/48 hours after purchase. We have reached this goal, and it forms part of our business base.

4- Affordable prices. You might be wondering how these prices are possible. The truth is that we focused heavily on investment, along with the uncertainty that this implied, along with the digitalisation of a kid's shoe shop. The result is impressive. We have multiplied the number of clients who trust in Minishoes every year, which allows us to tighten our margin, reaching every home in Spain, always offering a quality product at a highly competitive price.

In addition to these 4 principles, the trust our clients have placed in us is the definitive key to our success. Without you all, it would have been impossible to grow and learn as fast as we did. We can never thank you for the trust you place in us every time you click on our website. Ohhh!!! By the way, our names are Rosario and Javi, in the video below with our great life project: Pepe! Our first kid, and our main model! We hope you brings a smile to your face, just like he does with us every day :)

These are tiny shoes for big steps...


Get your Minishoes and take firm steps!